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The Magic of Film

I’ve worked in the film industry for most of my life. I’ve been an actor as a child and as an adult. I’ve been a costumer and built sets. I’ve worked as a P.A. and lighting electrician. I’ve been a writer, stuntman, and tech advisor. As much fun as these jobs are, none have given me the artistic satisfaction that I find in directing. I found that magic about taking something intangible from my brain and crafting it into something memorable onscreen. That’s why I love directing. That’s why I choose to make it my life’s work. 

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Featured Films

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Equal Pay

Rearview Mirror

Lonely Night

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a writer and director fluent in the language of moving pictures. I served 5 years as a US Marine, and was a military tech advisor on television shows such as Over There, Bones, Jericho, and Criminal Minds. I have a B.A. in film production from California State University, Northridge. Get in touch to learn more about my work, or if you’d be interested in collaborating together in the future.

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"If you aren't having fun,
you're doing it wrong"

Jordan Peele

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